Covid-19 Update
GCCS: Back To School
Excitement was in the air as Greater Clark welcomed back students for the 2021-22 school year.
With some riding the school bus for the very first time to others starting their last year of school, we can’t wait to see what all our students will learn and accomplish this year.
Let’s make this school year the best yet! #WeAreGreater

What is an ACADEMY?

College and career academies transform the traditional high school model to prepare all students for careers by linking academic subjects to career themes. Students and teachers use experiential learning to make lessons come alive. Different pathways designed and supported by educators, business representatives and post-secondary partners are created to introduce students to a variety of college and career options.

Our Achievements

Greater Clark students earned more Associate’s Degrees last year than any other school district in Southern Indiana. The Academies of Greater Clark College and Career Pathways made this possible!

Dual Credits Earned
Tuition Dollars Saved
1:1 Chromebook Initiative in Grades 2-12
Limitless learning, more opportunities.

Giving your student the resources they need to be greater.

Our Schools
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