Semester 2 Calendar

Greater Clark County Schools has consistently received feedback about educational models and the viewpoints surrounding the school calendar for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. All feedback has been explored and considered. Both the Traditional and mySchool Online models will continue to be offered following the attached calendar. Teaching and learning during a pandemic has changed many aspects of our educational pedagogy and organizational structures. Planned asynchronous eLearning days have been built-in to allow GCCS staff the ability to increase parent communication, hold in-person assessment opportunities for online students, and receive ongoing professional development.

As the local COVID-19 data fluctuates, we will continue to work closely with the Clark County Health Department to determine if GCCS, or specific schools, need to go into extended periods of eLearning due to quarantine or positive case numbers. GCCS will also monitor the numbers of students in the online model around mandated statewide testing windows to determine if eLearning days need to be added in order to complete in-person testing for online students. As always, changes will be announced via School Messenger and on all GCCS social media platforms.

Click here to view the calendar.

Click Here to view the 2021-2022 calendar. 

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