Exterior of future Pike Elementary
Welcome to the Future Pike Elementary School!

Welcome to Pike Elementary School, home of the future Panthers!

In 2025, Thomas Jefferson Elementary and W.E. Wilson Elementary will become one at the new state-of-the-art Pike Elementary School! We will have plenty of room to learn and explore together in our two-story school.

While the building around us may look different and we will have new classmates to meet, our goal stays the same. We want each student to look forward to school days and to succeed!

Click the button below to watch us reveal the new school’s name, colors, and mascot!

Fun Facts About Pike Elementary!

Believe it or not, the name actually connects us to our old schools! W.E. Wilson currently sits on Charlestown Pike and Thomas Jefferson is on Hamburg Pike, making Pike Elementary an easy choice for the new name!

W.E. Wilson’s red and Thomas Jefferson’s blue are coming together for Pike Elementary’s colors! We will show our support and school pride in crimson red, Carolina blue, and white!

Both of our previous schools had a mascot that was a big cat, so we are keeping it consistent here. Wilson had the wildcat, TJ had the tiger and now, we are the Pike Panthers!

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