Welcome Hanover

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Welcome Hanover!

Why choose New Washington’s schools?

  • Small-school environment.
  • FREE transportation to Prosser, where students can study cosmetology, welding, agriculture, heavy machinery, manufacturing, HVAC, health services, information technology and more. 
  • EARN 60+ college credits while in high school.
  • Expanded Academies program in high school prepares students for college and/or careers right after graduation. 
  • Advanced Placement courses and various rigorous curricula to explore career interests and to prepare students for postsecondary opportunities. 
  • Project Green biodynamic farming program.
  • New tennis courts, track, and an indoor hitting facility for baseball and softball

Highest Graduation Rate in Region

Greater Clark County Schools is proud to claim the highest graduation rates in our region.
Greater Clark County Schools: 93.05%

Borden-Henryville School Corp.: 89.09%

Clarksville Community Schools: 65.34%

New Albany Floyd County Schools: 84.73%

Scott County Schools District 2: 85.16%

Silver Creek School Corp.: 92.76%

Southwestern-Jefferson Consolidated Schools: 83.95%

*Class of 2023 Non-Waiver Graduation Rates

Hanover bus stop map

Free Transportation

We are offering FREE TRANSPORTATION to New Washington’s elementary, middle, and high schools!

Enjoy the latest technology, STEM offerings, Academies, and even the option to attend Prosser Career Education Center by enrolling TODAY!

Earning College Credits

Total Dual Credits Earned for the Class of 2023

Charlestown High School 3,449

Jeffersonville High School 7,694

New Washington High School 1,181

Total Dual Credits Earned by GCCS Class of 2023: 12,324
That’s a Savings of $ 2,464,800*
*Calculate 12,324 credits by $200/credit hour
Students in health services academy
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