Collective Bargaining Tentative Agreement

NOVEMBER 4, 2021

  • Health insurance:  Eliminate the PPO plan.
  • Professional development rate:  PD rate will be $150 for a half day and $300 for a full day.
  • ECAs:
    • Head Swimming Coach at New Washington Middle High School – .15 index
    • Title of Technology Coordinator will change to Chrome Book Coordinator
    • The Gymnastic and Assistant Gymnastic positions at Jeff High will be removed and replaced with a Unified Sports position.
  • Rehired retirees:  Rehired retirees will be hired at the M5 step.
  • Documentation for Lane Changes:  Transcripts regarding lane changes must be submitted no later than October 1 for the increase to occur that school year.  No lane change may occur if the Master Contract has expired on June 30th.  In those years, lane changes can occur only once a successor agreement is agreed to and ratified.
  • Stipend Committee:  A committee will be formed to work on creating a stipend scale, which would become part of the next contract in 2023.  This committee will also be granted authority to agree on stipends that come about that are outside of the stipend scale but arise outside of the formal bargaining window.
  • Base Salary:
    • 2021-2022:  The current salary schedule will be increased across the board by $1,500.  Teachers meeting the evaluation and academic needs factors will receive this increase.  No row or column advancement will occur.
    • 2022-2023:  The salary schedule will be increased again across the board by $1,500.  Teachers meeting the evaluation and academic needs factors will receive this increase.
      In the 2022-2023 school year, if the September 2022 ADM count is 10,250 students or greater, then each teacher who is eligible for a step in the schedule will receive an amount that is equivalent to their respective step increase.  In the event the September 2022 ADM comes in below 10,250 students, then no steps will be given due to lack of sufficient funding.
  • Association President leave time:  ½ time teacher and ½ time association business.
  • New hire salary placement:  Will remain status quo with respect to Superintendent discretion to deviate, which is 1 step deviation in the discretion of the Superintendent and any deviation greater than 1 step will be mutually agreed upon between the Superintendent and Association President (or designee).
  • New hire mirroring on salary placement:  New hires will be placed at a salary that mirrors a current Greater Clark teacher with the same degree and years of experience.  To the extent a new hire’s degree and experience mirrors multiple Greater Clark teachers, and if the mirrored teachers are at different salary levels, then the Superintendent will place the new hire at the salary of the mirrored teacher that is in the middle of the mirrored group.  For example, assume a new hire is being brought in who has 13 years of experience and a master’s degree.  If there are three Greater Clark teachers with 13 years of experience and a master’s degree and one mirrored teacher is at level 11, one mirrored teacher is at level 12 and one mirrored teacher is at level 13, then the new hire will be placed at level 12.
  • Sick Day Bank Donations for Pandemic Issues Only:  Teachers with over 90 banked days may donate up to 10 days to the sick bank for purposes of pandemic issues only.
  • Pay Schedule:  Moving to a 26 pay schedule in the 2022-2023 contract year, effective with the first payroll in August 2022.
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