Rendering of future Charlestown Elementary
Welcome to the Future Charlestown Elementary School!

Welcome to Charlestown Elementary School, home of the future Pirates!

In 2021, the decision was made to combine Pleasant Ridge Elementary and Jonathan Jennings Elementary to make one big school with grades pre-K to 5th grade! With a new two-story school being built, we will have plenty of room to learn and grow in state-of-the-art facilities.

Even though we will have a new space to explore starting in 2025, our primary goal stays the same. We will create a positive learning environment where every student can succeed!

Click the button below to watch us reveal the new school’s name, colors, and mascot!

Fun Facts About CES!

Our name, Charlestown Elementary School, was nominated along with many other unique options! A total of 73% of the ideas had something to do with naming it Charlestown to keep it consistent with our existing middle and high school names.

Both of the old namesakes will be used in our new school!

We will visit the Pleasant Ridge Media Center to learn outside of our classrooms and the Jonathan Jennings Gymnasium for lots of fun activities and P.E.

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