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This model represents a return to the school campus and the classroom where students will interact directly with their teacher(s) and classmates. The school day will follow the standard bell times and standard schedule that includes all the core classes and other subject areas. In short, it represents a return to the traditional school environment – with several significant changes involving enhanced health and safety precautions.

Our goal is to create an environment that provides an opportunity for students to return to the traditional school experience, while providing effective safeguards to protect the health and safety of students and staff.

Public Health Actions on Every Campus

  • Practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible
  • Post signage and provide lessons to strongly encourage frequent hand washing and hygiene practices
  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available throughout the campus
  • Increase cleaning protocols throughout each campus, including replacing air filters more frequently and cleaning high touch areas multiple times throughout the day
  • Electrostatic sprayers will be used by custodial staff for sanitation
  • Schedule handwashing breaks
  • Limit group gatherings
  • Encourage masks on campus
  • Expect symptom screening for all staff and students
  • Ensure any staff or students who exhibit symptoms are not at school or in the workplace
  • GCCS is working with the Clark County Health Department to finalize our official screening checklist. Temperature screenings will occur before admittance on school transportation. Parents will be asked to check their child’s temperature before school. Visitors will be screened and temperature checked as well. More details will be released with our official screening checklist.
  • Students in grades K-2 will have Chromebooks in classrooms with take-home privileges during extended eLearning periods. Students in grades 3-12 will each receive a Chromebook
  • Follows the traditional school fees model with access to textbooks and ebooks associated with those fees
  • Free/reduced lunch and textbook fee assistance application process applies

Social Distancing

  • Classroom furniture should be adjusted to rows, spaced apart as reasonably possible, and facing in the same direction as much as possible
  • Assigned seats will be used in all classrooms
  • Sharing materials will be minimized
  • To reduce the amount of exposure:
    • There will be no field trips for the 2020-2021 school year
    • There will be no classroom visitors
    • School visitors to the school must call ahead/make an appointment
    • Large community events, with the exception of extracurricular events, will not occur until further notice
    • Fundraisers will be online/electronic sales only until further notice

School Bus Safety

  • Expect students wear masks on the bus
  • Encourage students to wear masks when social distancing is limited
  • Clean high touch areas between runs
  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available on each bus
  • Disinfect each bus thoroughly at the end of each day

Each school will have a customized plan to discourage large gatherings of students in hallways and common areas, using clear communication and signage to reinforce the message. Interaction with students from other classes/cohorts will be limited to the greatest extent possible. If a student displays symptoms of illness, it will likely impact their cohort classmates, and not the entire school, in terms of quarantine or other interventions. The number of students allowed in the cafeteria, media center and gymnasiums will be based upon current Indiana stage levels. Extracurricular activities will resume, and will adhere to recommendations from CDC and the state.

My school Online icon

This model is designed for families who would like to maintain their connection to their enrolled school, but don’t yet feel comfortable sending their student(s) back to school on July 29th. This option is open to students in grades K-12. Students will attend school remotely, following the standard school schedule.

Based on feedback after our elearning experience during Quarter 4, this learning model will incorporate many of the features that parents and students valued, such as regular virtual interaction with teachers each day for every class. Parents can rely on teachers to facilitate and guide student learning.

Students will have scheduled times, synchronous class meetings, and digital resources and assignments that can be completed at home. This learning model provides families the flexibility to choose an instructional model to meet their needs during these uncertain times, and reflects our district’s commitment to providing a high-quality instructional experience, no matter what the setting.

Because the GCCS mySchool Online is a public school choice, students must participate in all required state assessments. They may also take part in extracurricular clubs and activities with their assigned school.

What to expect from GCCS mySchool Online

  • Students are at home learning and will need access to the internet
  • Instruction is provided remotely and students will have access to their teachers during the regular school day hours
  • Elementary students can expect daily lessons with face to face connections
  • Secondary students can expect daily face to face connections for every period
  • Attendance will be taken daily in each course
  • Students in grades K-12 will each receive a Chromebook
  • Follows the traditional school fees model with access to textbooks and ebooks associated with those fees
  • Free/reduced lunch and textbook fee assistance application process applies
  • Face to face connections may be in “real time” or a video recorded lesson, depending on the course or teacher.
  • Students will need to be online at certain times of the regular school day; however, assignment completion times will be more flexible in the day. For example, a parent wishing to help their child complete the work in the evening will be able to do so as long as the Learning Coach at home is able to make sure the student is online during the day to see the lesson.
  • A Learning Coach is an adult that is able to monitor, coach, and encourage the student during at-home learning. This does not have to be a parent/guardian.
  • Students will receive their expectations, video links, and work assignments through each teacher’s Google Classroom.
  • Students will stay “on pace” with their GCCS Traditional model peers.
  • Students may move back to the GCCS Traditional model at the end of a grading period.

Additional Supports for Students and Families

  • Virtual small group sessions to meet social and academic needs
  • Access to trouble-shooting and tech support
  • Tips and strategies to support students learning off campus
  • Support from teachers to meet student needs during regular school hours

While many courses will be available through GCCS mySchool Online, some courses will only be offered through the GCCS Traditional option.

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Virtual academy icon

This full time virtual school experience is ideal for students who wish to have more control over their learning path and pace, and for whom a flexible daily schedule is important. This option is available to students in grades 9-12. In this learning model, students often work on assignments during non-traditional hours, and maintain contact with their teacher and classmates using web-based class sessions, email, and phone calls.

Greater Clark County Schools offers courses for high school students in grades 9-12, supported by a team of highly-qualified teachers who offer office hours Monday through Friday. Enrollment requires a year-long commitment, as well as an adult who can partner with GCCS teachers by serving as the learning coach for the student.

Because the GCCS Virtual Academy is a public school choice, students must participate in all required state assessments. This program does not give students access to extracurricular activities with a GCCS school.

The GCCS Virtual Academy offers accredited courses, access to academic advisement and college planning, and opportunities for advanced coursework. Dual credit courses are available at an additional cost. Graduates earn a standard high school diploma accepted by colleges, universities, and other postsecondary programs.

What to expect from Virtual Academy

  • Students are at home learning and will need access to the internet.
  • Students will have teachers assigned for lessons, guidance, mentoring, and goal setting.
  • The curriculum is mostly software based and student will work at their own pace through the modules of each course.
  • Students can expect face to face connections once per week and as needed with their teachers.

Additional Information

  • Students in grades 9-12 will each receive a Chromebook.
  • Fee is $50 per semester.
  • Free/reduced lunch and textbook fee assistance application process applies.

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