New K-8 Building

Following feedback from the community and the City of Jeffersonville, Greater Clark County Schools has decided to renovate the existing Parkview Middle School building at its current location, at 1600 Brigman Ave., in Jeffersonville. 

The rest of the funds that were to be used to build a new middle school will now be allocated to building a new kindergarten through eighth-grade school along the Salem-Noble Road corridor. 

“The plan to build a new school along the Salem-Noble corridor was always in our minds, but it was further out, maybe 10 years from now. Changing up our plan with Parkview allows us the funds to move ahead with this project now,” Superintendent Mark Laughner said. “This new school will help address the continued residential growth in that area while also giving those families in that area an additional choice when choosing a quality school for their children. Graduates of this new school will get to choose to attend Charlestown High School or Jeffersonville High School, with transportation being provided to either school.”  

Greater Clark will start looking for land to build the new school immediately. 

For more information on this project, please contact Renee Markoski at

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