Bus Driver, Monitor Honored

Bus Driver Recognition for GCCS

The school board recognized bus driver Jill Sluder (far left) and bus monitor Kendra Coleman (far right) last night at the board meeting for their quick thinking helping a student.

On Wednesday, Feb 24th, Sluder and Coleman radioed in and said that they have a child that needs medical attention. “This student is normally very tired in the mornings but today is different,” Sluder stated. Out of an abundance of caution, she pulled over to a safe location and waited for EMT. Brandon Winebrenner arrived at the scene and all three waited with the child. Once EMT arrived, they diagnosed that the student was in a medical emergency, his blood sugar was over 500 and had to be transported to the hospital.

Sluder and Coleman noticed something out of the ordinary for this child and in doing so, they very well could have saved his life.

Thank you both for what you did then and every day to keep our students safe! #WeAreGreater

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